Business Entrepreneurship

Business Entrepreneurship Models That Will Inspire and Upgrade Grassroots

CDF’s Innovative business models are changing the world of women through empowerment. All of them have come up with new small business ideas and unique models to deliver, create, and capture value addition services at grassroots. We know their secret desire of empowerment. CDF focused market oriented business models to get inspired and successfully referring towards business ideas.






(1) The micro-level, referring to an individuals’ personal beliefs as well as actions, where personal empowerment can be observed

(2) The meso-level, referring to beliefs as well as actions in relation to relevant others, where relational empowerment can be observed and

(3) The macro-level, referring to outcomes in the broader, societal context where societal empowerment can be observed. Importantly, we propose that time and culture are important factors that influence women’s empowerment.


Converting grassroots approach to innovation is not easy. Innovative approaches are always time taking and slow in outcomes but when people adopted this “Learning by Doing” they will reach their desired goals and shortage possible time. Just we need to understand and re-conceptualize the interface between natural, social, ethical, and intellectual capital.