Capacity-building is a much broader concept in CDF that should be considered from a systemic perspective, which involves different clusters, as individuals, organizations, institution and society. The process of developing an organization's strength and sustainability. It is essential for CDF as empowerment promotors. Empowerment or especially

economic empowerment is impossible without Capacity-building. This enables our organization to focus on mission—not simply on survival. Capacity building in CDF refers to the process of changing attitudes and behaviors-imparting knowledge and developing skills while maximizing the benefits of participation, knowledge exchange and ownership.

Capacity building in CDF Improving management practices which are well-accepted in the business world with special attention on women businesses. We practice traditional methods as well as high class approved and affiliated courses for our beneficiaries.

CDF strongly believe that without capacity-building, we cannot measure risk factors in startup’s investments and also unable to focus on enhancing their energy and attention on provided services and expanded projects. Capacity Building ensures a strong foundation and leads to CDF’s organizational stability. Capacity Building improves poor communication between leadership and staff and referred every individual towards a strong mission of focus on your nonprofit's founding principles.