Global Women’s Development Network is a diverse, effective and inclusive Women's network based in USA-Pakistan. GWDN register with the Secretary of State of Texas (USA) as Nonprofit Organizations (NGO). Global Women’s Development Network will be recognized as a nonprofit Women Development Organization "BY WOMEN FOR WOMEN" and will be severed globally as a social and economic development platform for women, especially for grassroots.

We believe women have the right to experience life free from poverty, good education, violence-free trade, exclusion and discrimination. Global Women’s Development Network’s vision is to help and create a world where women will empower with equality, valued by their community and equipped to fulfil their unique purpose.


In March 2021 17+ countries women’s leadership, practitioners, consultants and academics, gender & development experts, specialized in women’s rights issues extracted the idea from the International Women’s Day Chain of Conference IWDC-2021-2030 which were based on six productive women’s development-related themes. +50 speakers highlighted that women are instrumental in effecting social change and bringing about improvements to political and social landscapes.

Global Women’s Development Network is an initiative of collective leadership to invest in women’s education, and specifically, entrepreneurial education empowers women and is an essential tool in achieving fairer businesses, providing them with social and economic skills to transform their own lives and build sustainable economies and societies. Women pass their knowledge to communities around them, creating more opportunities BY WOMEN FOR WOMEN and support the world where every woman’s voice, role, and contribution are visible and valued.


The Global Women’s Development Network bonds the empowerment and connection of women locally and globally by building women’s capacity, acting as a promoter for change and leading the way to a non-violent, socially, economically healthy, and diverse society.


GWDN strive to create a future in which all women will be viewed and treated equally as men, in all aspects of life, civil, political, economic, social and cultural. Our vision is that all women become self-sustaining and remain well recognized in their communities, well respected and truly empowered. We will also seek to continue our role as an advocate of women’s rights, promoter of women capacities and driving force of social change.

Our Approach:

Our members work in partnership with development, advocacy, and private and civil society organizations throughout the world. Global Women’s Development Network GWDN will enable members to share information and expertise, effectively lobby government and international bodies on women economic empowerment issues and provide expert advice and comment on policies, procedures and projects executions.


  • To Promote lifelong technical and vocational education for women and girls;
  • To Promote international cooperation, partnership, peace and respect for       women and promoting women’s rights, irrespective of their age, race,       nationality, religion, political opinion, gender and sexual orientation or       another status;
  • To Advocate for the advancement of the status of women and girls;
  • To Encourage and enable women and girls to apply their knowledge and       skills in leadership and decision-making in all forms of public and private       life.