Empower by Innovation,   Making living sustainable,   Lead the way that’s leadership

Who We Are

CDF Foundation is an organization dedicated to achieving Women Economic Empowerment local to global since 2009. Since our inception we were struggling for Women's economic empowerment by all means and now recognized as CDF Group of nonprofit Companies by four major initiatives of addressing the dire need of economic up-gradation globally. We believe in being innovative by CONNECTING LOCAL WOMEN WITH GLOBAL OPPORTUNITIES.

We as Empowerment experts introduced Pakistan’s entrepreneurial potential into global markets through ten defined and tested sectors like IT/ICT& high tech, Business Entrepreneurship, Food Agriculture, Health and Wellbeing,Skills and Livelihood, Women Rights, Trade & Marketing, Safety and Security, Environment and Climate Action and Print and Electronic Media which helps to uplift them economically as well as socially as decision makers.

We Have A Vision

“Development of productive and educated women in Asia and Pacific that will in turn create impactful empowered and sustainable families”

We Are On A Mission

“To transform underprivileged and illiterate segments of women into effective, innovative and skillful workforce facilitating education and skills development”

Core Values

Goals And Objectives

1. To improve living standard of the vulnerable communities by networking and partnerships.

2. To establishing profit generating enterprises and promote starter ups especially women.

3. To support institutions and other business related small & medium platforms for socio-economic

4. To strengthening nonprofit local institutions by local networks at level grass roots

5. To fostering entrepreneurial activities to form strong linkages with relevant industry for creation of more
    decent jobs.

Quick Objectives

1. Accelerate income generation opportunities for women and youth.

2. Secure and ensure decent employment and income for All.

3. Identify key actions to address the financing gaps.

4. Drive change and commit to scaled-up partnerships between the National, International and global platforms.

5. Create a real impact on the quality of life for women, families and communities.

CDF’S Organizational Objectives

• Build awareness of business innovations that accelerate youth & women’s empowerment and have a real impact
   on the quality of life for women, men, families and communities;

• Create greater opportunities for women and men to secure decent employment and income.

• Identify key actions to address the financing gap for women’s empowerment;

• Drive change and commit to scaled-up partnerships between the National and International and the private
   sector for achieving the 2030 Agenda of SDGs through youth & women’s economic empowerment